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BORN2XL is a catalyst that encourages, motivates, illustrates, and demonstrates that “all things are possible,” regardless of background, upbringing, or challenges one faces in life. 

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On October 1974, at a mutual friend’s wedding in Houston, Texas, Ron Fernandez and Frances Yanez met for the first time. Soon after, a beautiful friendship developed and on December 1975, Evangelist Ron Fernandez proposed marriage. On May 1, 1976, in the company of a loving God, family and friends, Ron and Frances exchanged marriage vows as Bishop Benjamin Quiroz officiated the wedding. Since then, Ron and Frances Fernandez have dedicated their lives to the ministry of sharing the Gospel throughout the world. In the process of that endeavor, God blessed them with two gorgeous daughters, Olga N. Raya (married to Philip J. Raya) Ruth A. Chavez (“Ruthie,” married to Manuel Chavez) and three grandchildren: Janelle Olissa, Jarius Andrew, and Jaaziah Philip Raya.

The Ministry

Under the supervision of Bishop B. Quiroz, Evangelist Ron and Sister Frances for nine months pastored the apostolic church in Palacios, Texas.

The “Family Center Church” was founded in San Francisco, CA. There, many souls gave their hearts to God. Under the supervision of Bishop Gilbert Amaya, Bishop Salvador Arias, and Bishop Jess Varela, Pastor Fernandez served as an elder supervisor of sector 4., And secretary of the Northern District of California. Sister Frances served as a vice-president, (two years). And president of the ladies’ auxiliary department of the same district, (two years).

Pastor Fernandez served as the Bishop President-Missionary in Chile, South America. The Fernandez family also was able to minister in the countries of Argentina and Uruguay, where revival of the Holy Ghost was brought to these countries. Sister Frances functioned one term (two years) as the president of the ladies’ auxiliary department. They directed national conventions, marriage and leadership seminars. Men, ladies, youth camps, and supervised the Bible College. At the same time, they pastored two churches (La Granja and Renca). Evangelist Fernandez established different ministries including the home Bible studies, taking the Gospel to the lost!

Once the Fernandez family returned from the missionary field, they pastored for three years in Visalia, CA., With the help of the Brothers and Sisters of this local church, they were able to remodel the building (bought new furniture, fixed the kitchen and the restrooms, nursery, landscaping).


Bishop Baldemar Rodriguez invited the Fernandez family to go and pastored the Whittier Apostolic Church. Throughout these seventeen years, Evangelist Fernandez and Sister Frances functioned as pastors of this local church, and also leaders of the East Los Angeles District., Four years Elder, eight years treasurer, and seven years Bible college director., Sister Frances two years vice-president and two years president of the ladies’ auxiliary department.

Evangelist Ron Fernandez and his wife Frances are serving fulltime the national evangelism department under the supervision of Bishop Joe Aguilar, and foreign missions department supervisor Bishop Andy Provencio. Through their ministry over 7,000 people have received the gift of Holy Ghost; many have been healed spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and matrimonially. The Fernandez’s have written three books in English, and these are also translated in Spanish, (Renewing Your Faith Through the 23 rd . Psalm, we Were Born2xl, and The Ministry of Altar Work). They have founded the ALBA, INC. nonprofit, (Advancing Leaders Business Achievers), trademark-BORN2XL Ministries, and the BALANCED LIFE CONFERENCE, (Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Friendship, and Fashion). Evangelist Ron and Sister Frances Fernandez work as a team to expand the Kingdom of God, leading the ministry “BORN2XL” to a new level. Through this ministry, they motivate, encourage, exemplify, and demonstrate that through God “all things are possible.” Regardless of background, education, upbringing or personal challenges that one faces in life.


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