Power of faith

THE POWER OF FAITH/ by Ron Fernandez

“Faith is unseen but felt, Faith is strength when we feel we have none, Faith is hope when all seems lost.” ~Catherine Pulsifer

Faith in simple words: is to have complete reliance on something or someone, it is acting on what is not tangible! Yet, through the eyes of faith, you believe and receive with certainty what you are expecting. You must not allow your faith to waver when life’s challenges or contrary situations come against you. Do not be restless about anything! Stay enthusiastic, inspired, with fervency, imagination, expecting the greatest results for your life, your family, business, or career. Faith is what moves mountains, knocks giants, and tears down every barrier so that you remain productive, fruitful prosperous, and successful in your life. When you declare faith-filled words that will be life-changing for you and for others.  With faith, you will be able to do all that is necessary to fulfill your purpose in your life and you will develop an, “I can do it attitude,” and be able to say “all things are possible.” Your attitude will make the difference to conquer any negativity that comes against you. Attitude means a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Do you need a change of mind and attitude? Faith is the answer! Faith will erase all doubt and unbelief and give you a winning attitude. Are you depressed, worried, anxious, stressed, nervous, and fearful about something?  Do you feel weak, tired, bored, and find it hard to face your daily challenges? Are you lacking motivation, and the drive necessary to accomplish your goals, vision, and life dream?  Faith will give you encouragement to get out of bed in the morning.  If the doors of your dreams, prosperity, and success seem to be closing, faith will open new ones. If you believe it, you will declare it, act on what you believe, and receive the answer!