The Pillars of a Balanced Life

     I welcome you to our Balanced Life Page, which has been created with the specific intent of providing tools and strategies necessary to strengthen, empower, connect or reconnect you with your lifetime dreams and goals. 

     I am fully aware that we all struggle with “keeping it all together” in the midst of life’s hectic pace. Genuine happiness and contentment do not come from achieving perfection. Happiness and contentment come from aligning our expectations with our current circumstances while focusing on bringing “BALANCE” to the bigger picture. 

      The SIX PILLARS as defined on this site are areas that represent building blocks that form and shape our daily life’s experiences. Each pillar stands on a strong and firm Biblical foundation, leading to continual self-improvement. I encourage you to stay engaged and focused as these six pillars take shape in your life: FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FINANCE, FRIENDS, and FASHION.

Frances Fernandez Founder